About CPS Africa

About CPS Africa

CPS AFRICA, a subsidiary of CFAO Group, the one of the most important automotive network in Africa.

CPS Africa is a dedicated direct sales company, established in Antwerp and Brussels Belgium for supplying various range of new vehicle such as tourisme, 4×4 and utility.

CPS Africa is the official distributor of  Toyota, Suzuki, Peugoet, Citroën and Mitsubishi brand.

In addtiion, CPS Africa is distributing Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycle that are well adapted to the condition in Africa.

Our offer would satify the needs of multinationals companies, govermental organization, NGOs who operate in Africa.

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Our Features

  1. Stock and Logistic
  • The vehicle availability is ensured thanks to CFAO central stock, which constantly has several thousand vehicles in the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge (Belgium).
  • Strong logistic capability of CFAO groupe allows us to deliver promptly large quantity of vehicles
  1. The right product for your needs
  • We offer a wider range of vehicles to meet your needs.
  • Our conversion solution allows us to deliver vehicles perfectly suited to your environment or your technical requirement : ambulances, mobile clinic, workshop van, mining vehicles…
  • Everything is possible, Please feel free to contact us.

3. After-sales service in Africa is ensured by CFAO official distributors’ network of each brand

  • After Sales Service :
    CFAO Motors subsidiary is offering a wide range of after sales services, thanks to high-standard equipment and qualified and regulary trained people by manufacturers.
  • Genuine Spare Parts :
    In order to provide reliable service aligning with the highest standards and ensure product performance over time, our subsidiaries use exclusively original spare parts supplied by manufacture.
  • Service Contract that fulfil your needs :
    The subsidiary CFAO Motors is able to proposes several and flexible service contracts over the period and mileage.