Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an historical player in Africa, CFAO contributes to providing solutions to the continent’s sustainable development challenges through its various businesses, including the mobility of people, improvements in public health, reduction of the digital divide and access to retail products.

On this continent, where development needs are particularly acute, the Group continuously undertakes fresh initiatives for the benefit of its employees and local communities.

CFAO’s approach revolves around four major goals: to be a benchmark employer by adopting a social policy in keeping with the special needs of the countries in which it operates (education and health); to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment and to contribute to the social and economic development of those communities through partnerships.



CFAO is keenly aware that education is an essential and powerful tool in combating poverty and in training the employees of the future. The Group deploys programs in favor of employees’ children and sign partnerships with NGOs in education, training and professional insertion.

Responsabilité societale


CFAO owes its growth and enduring existence to the men and women who work at our sites on a daily basis. The Group is well aware of the value of its employees and cares about its workforce the occupational health and safety of each employee is a top priority at the compagny. It also contributes to the improvement of human health through NGO partnerships.



The large number of CFAO’s sites, the different sizes and types of business activities makes it difficult to apply a uniform environmental policy across the entire Group. The Group nevertheless makes every effort to limit its impact on the environment by complying with the legislation of the countries in which it operates and by encouraging environmentally-friendly activities. Furthermore, the Group measures the environmental impact of its business through an annual report covering the full scope of its activities.



CFAO Solidarity aims to co-finance community initiatives managed by local NGos and supported by employees of subsidiaries, addressing six areas: education, risk prevention, training, professional integration, healthcare and the environment.