Example of conversions

Minier / BTP

CPS Africa has supplied thousands of special vehicles to face the conditions of the African construction sites. The cooperation between your experience and ours will allow us to deliver you the vehicle you really need. Safety bars, speed limitation, visibility equipment, fire protection device in the heart of the engine compartment… There are a lot of possibilities.  Our specialists are at your disposal.


From more than 20 years we deliver ambulances to the NGO’s, agencies of the United Nations and private companies who use them in remote territories that are difficult to access. From stripped ambulance to mobile clinic, nothing is impossible.


A lot of equipment, like radios, lighted ramps, specific marking or local protections can be installed or realized in order to meet your demands. You will be tempted by our ability to equip and supply quickly large quantities of vehicles.


We are offering various custom-made conversion solutions.

For the detail, please feel free to contact us.