From our European centre, or through our subsidiaries, we offer our customers support in the training of their technical teams.
These training courses are offered in two forms:

Maintenance Training

In addition to the creation of a free access to the manufacturers’ parts catalogue, or our solutions on the technical documentation section (repair manuals), we also support you during the training of your staff.

Our mobile trainers come to your site or to one of our dealerships to teach your teams the requirements for the maintenance of your vehicles. These training courses are defined in accordance with the standards of the manufacturers we represent and a certificate of aptitude is provided to your staff attesting its participation to the training and the knowledge acquired.

Safe driving training

As with our technical training, we also support your drivers through training on safe driving techniques adapted to the road conditions in your area of operations. Our experience has shown us that the proper use of a vehicle ensures its longevity and significantly reduces the maintenance costs.